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Located in West St. Paul, Minnesota, Kyoshin Aikido Dojo teaches the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Aikido is a non-violent art that can be enjoyed by all.  All Classes are taught by professional, internationally certified instructors, who enjoy teaching. All classes are taught in a relaxing and fun environment with no high-pressure teaching. We believe that everyone learns at their own pace, and we want students to feel comfortable and excited when they come to class. We offer a wide variety of class types: Adults, Kids, Self Defense, Weapons, and Multiple attackers scenarios. Kyoshin Aikido will give you the tools and confidence to handle any situation that may arise.

If you have always wanted to start a martial art, but not sure where to start, come try anyone one of our classes for free. Stop by or give us a call or email.


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Bonifay Shihan Seminar May1st-3rd

We offer  adult classes in Aikido and JKD/Kali. Plus we also offer weapon classes

Kids Aikido. Kids can learn to defend themselves in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Have you always wanted to try a martial art? Come try any class for free!

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1166 S. Robert St

West St. Paul, MN