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If the crude not to refining,Some of the impurities in the fat is beneficial to the human body, the fat also contains a lot of high nutritional value of the material, and the purpose of refining oil is based on the different uses and requirements of grease to remove the harmful ingredients in the grease and minimize oil Loss of beneficial ingredients.

Impurity of extracted crude oil must be removed in order to reduce losses and increase yield of corn germ oil in oil refining process. Crude oil filter can remove impurities, control impurity of extracted crude oil under 0.2%, thus improve degumming efficiency.

    The method of removing impurities from crude oil is three kinds of mechanical, chemical and physical refining methods. 

   First, the mechanical removal of impurities, including precipitation, filtration, centrifugal separation, the main role is to separate the suspension of oil in the mechanical impurities and some of the plastic impurities.

① precipitation method: due to the density between oil and impurities, we use the different gravity of their natural separation of the method, this natural separation method known as the precipitation method, precipitation method used by the device is simple, but this method precipitation time is long, Efficiency is very low, oil manufacturers in the production practice has been rarely used.

② filter: by gravity, pressure, vacuum or centrifugal force, under certain temperature conditions, the use of filter cloth filter oil impurities in the method, collectively referred to as filtration. Grease can pass through the filter cloth and impurities in the filter cloth surface, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

③ centrifugal separation method: the role of centrifugal force on the separation of oil or separation of sediment separation, and other methods to remove oil residue, said centrifugal separation method. Centrifugal separation method is effective, the production is continuous, the processing capacity is big, and the filter residue has less oil, but the equipment cost is higher.

  Second, the chemical method mainly includes acid refining, alkali refining, in addition to esterification oxidation and so on.

① Acid refining method is to treat oil with acid, the main elimination of oil in the pigment, peptum impurities;

② Alkali refining method is to use alkali treatment of oil, mainly to remove fat in the free fatty acids;

③ The oxidation method is mainly used for the decolorization of grease.

Third, the physical and chemical methods, including decolorization of water, steam distillation and so on.

① Hydration of the main removal of phospholipids, decolorization mainly eliminate the pigment

② Steam distillation is used to remove odorous substances and free fatty acids.

③ Crude oil through refining, oil moisture, impurities, acid value, peroxide value have reached the national quality standards, and not easy to rancidity deterioration, and is conducive to storage, cooking does not produce a lot of fumes, to maintain the oil flavor.